2CE Hair & Makeup – Film & Television (Single)


2Hour GA Approved CE

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Hair and Makeup artistry for film and video is where creativity meets innovation and natural artistic ability. We either have it or we don’t. In most of these jobs there is little time or place for trial and error.


Hair & Makeup for Film and Television

he work that makeup and hair design artists do in feature films, in television, in theater, on video shoots, commercials, corporate promotions, etc. is invaluable. On the lower end, artists enhance the natural look of talent, announcers or guests to go on air in a television studio or on a video shoot, etc. On the high end, makeup and hair design are key elements of the overall production design, contributing to “mise-en- scene” (the scenic creation) – designing a look, a mood for a character, applying makeup and hair effects to visualize, social class, time periods, impressions of goodness, evil, strength or weakness etc. The job is to create illusion using the human body as the medium for design and innovation.m (2hrs)

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